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Rockany Plus
Construction Chemical

Rockany Plus Chemicals manufactures a comprehensive range of construction chemicals and coating. This long record of successful installations and unequaled products quality assure the highest level of performance in the construction industry. Rockany Plus Chemicals products are formulated to high standards and conform to BS, ASTM, DIN and LEED specifications. 

Rockany Plus Construction Chemical

Building Product Systems

Who we are?

Our Vision

While we are sustaining our national leadership in our field of operation at construction sector, we shall be the regional leader where our country is located, producing the best solutions at all times with our know-how and technological strength.

Our Mission

We exist to produce high quality and the best solutions for ever and to add value to our stake holders reflecting our professional competency unto our work with the awareness of our corporate values in our field of operation at construction sector.

Our Values

-Professional Competency (Decisiveness/ Creativeness /Team Work/ Permanent Progress/Use of initiative/ delegation)
- Quality
- Corporate Responsibility (Honesty/ Trust / Respect)


Rockany Plus Construction Chemical

What are the products we offer to customers?