Rockany Bond SBR

RockanyBond SBR is a modified Styrene Butadiene rubberized emulsion, which is supplied as a ready-to-use admixture/bonding agent in liquid form.
It is designed to improve the quality of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries. When used with cement, this acts as a water resistance, improves durability and strength.


» For Bonding new concrete to old, stone & marble bedding and installation of slip bricks
» When used as an admixture for cementitious systems RockanyBond SBR improves the durability, water permeability and abrasion resistance of mortars.
» Repair of concrete, and for prolonged corrosion protection
» Weatherproof protection, Chemical resistant.
» Waterproofing internally:- Basements, swimming pool and showers, tunnel and underpass.
» Waterproof externally:- walls above ground
» Used for porous concrete, blockwork & plaster.
» Mortars prepared with RockanyBond SBR may be used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead plaster and repair works.


Available in 20 and 200 liters