Rockany Poxy RP-2K

RockanyPoxy RP 2K is a Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive system with an advanced formulation. Especially for the porous and non-porous substrates.


» Permanent installation of tiles, marbles, mosaics, and stones on concrete, plaster, metal, and wood surfaces.
» Used as an adhesive for metal, wood, natural stone, marble, ceramic tiles, rubber, and concrete.
» Resists boiling water and acid splashing in addition to a germ proof seal in hospitals, abattoirs, catering, kitchens, and laboratories.
» Bonds to new and old concrete, and plaster, concrete and metal/steel plates, etc.
» Anchoring of bolts, doors, windows, anchor bars.
» Watertight repairs and structural sealing of cracks, holes, honeycomb, and rigid joints.
» Recommended for heavy traffic areas, permanent wet areas, swimming pools, and utility.


Available in 10 kg set

RockanyPoxy RP-2k is a classified reactive (R) improved (2) adhesive with no vertical slip (T)