Rockany Proof RBE 6010

RockanyProof RBE 6010 is a brown rubber/ bitumen liquid emulsion with excellent adhesion which solvent-free dries to a tough black seamless, flexible waterproof, and vapor-proof membrane.

RockanyProof RBE 6010 is a thixotropic cold-applied bitumen emulsion with added rubber latex. Conforming to ASTM D 2939 & C309 Standards.


» Tanking and waterproofing structures: to provide an impervious waterproof membrane on concrete and brick.
» Floors: to provide a sandwich membrane in new construction or a surface treatment.
» Walls: for interior and exterior walls.
» Roofs: for the maintenance of many types of roofs including built-up felt, asphalt, lead, zinc, aluminum, concrete, lightweight screeds, timber, slate, asbestos cement, corrugated iron, and as a vapor barrier.


RockanyProof RBE 6010 is supplied in 20 and 200-liter units.